Residential investment orbits the built environment which in turn provides the cornerstones of sustainable economies, cohesive communities and long-term societal wellbeing for residents. At Victus, we are committed to leading the Living sector towards a sustainable future. Our dedication to sustainability is rooted in our core belief that responsible business practices are not just beneficial for the environment and society, but also crucial for long-term business success.

We strive to integrate positive environmental operations, social diversity, wellbeing and exemplary governance into our operations and advisory services. Our approach focuses on three key areas:


Environmental Stewardship: We advocate for eco-friendly practices in property development and management. This includes promoting energy-efficient buildings and supporting the use of sustainable materials and construction methodologies. We aim to contribute to the development of spaces that are not only commercially viable but also environmentally responsible. Our agency mandates range across the residential spectrum and by ensuring we provide the best in class advice to our clients, we know that investment decisions are being made that are well informed and which will ultimately have a positive impact on the built environment in which we live – whether by providing more affordable housing, or repurposing dilapidated buildings for new homes, or creating new home ownership structures, or joint venture partnerships that will expedite housing delivery, or facilitating the delivery of high quality new private rented accommodation and community cultures within them all.


Social Responsibility: Victus is dedicated to creating positive social impacts through our business practices. We prioritise inclusivity and diversity within our workplace, recognising that a varied team of professionals enhances our ability to innovate and understand the diverse needs of our clients. We recognise the strength in being different, the value of supporting our staff to achieve their potential and embracing the power of a collaborative approach to investment agency.


Economic Viability: While focusing on environmental and social elements, we maintain a strong emphasis on economic sustainability. We provide our clients with strategies and investment advice that ensures economic profitability and resilience. Our advisory services aim to balance short-term gains with long-term sustainability, ensuring that the properties we advise on are viable investments for the future. We are committed to continuous improvement and transparency in our sustainability journey. We will regularly review our practices and policies, adapting and evolving as necessary to meet the changing demands of the environment, society, and the market. At Victus, sustainability is not just a policy; it is an integral part of our identity and the value we offer to our clients.